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About Mazda RX-8

As a model of the Mazda RX range and the successor to the Mazda RX-7 and Mazda Cosmo (the latter was exclusive to Japan), Mazda RX-8 was built by a prominent Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer Mazda Motor Corporation, commonly referred to as simply Mazda, between 2003 and 2012 as a sports car. Originally introduced to cater the popular interest in import tuning and performance cars in the U.S., RX-8 also differentiates itself from the competition with a light-weight rotary engine. Although having won many awards such as U.S. Best Sports Car, being on the Car and Driver Magazine's Ten Best List and others, RX-8 was discontinued after the 2012 model year and replaced by the RX-9.
The first-generation Mazda RX-8 (SE3P) was produced from 2002 and 2008 and debuted at the 2001 North American International Auto Show. It began North American sales in the 2003 model year as a 2004 model. RX-8 was offered in only one body style, 4-door quad coupe but came in several trim levels: Sport, Touring, Grand Touring and high-performance R3 and it was also available for some special editions including Shinka, Kuro, 40th Anniversary, Hydrogen RE and NR-A. Coming standard with 18-inch wheels, cruise control, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a 6-speaker CD stereo with an auxiliary audio jack, RX-8 then was powered by a 1.3 L RENESIS Wankel engine rated at 232 horsepower and the engine sent power through 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels. The more recent RX-8 arrived in 2008 November for the 2009 model year. Back then, the RX-8 got power still from a 1.3 L rotary engine producing 212-232 hp and 152 lb-ft of torque and this engine was still mounted to the 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.

Mazda RX-8 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Boasting nimble handling, comfortable ride, smooth rotary engine, an innovative body style that can actually seat four adults, and impressive feature content, Mazda RX-8 definitely has some advantages over the typical sport coupe. However, since the RX-8 has been discontinued, you might as well learn about these common problems on in just in case:
First, we all know the engine failure is a disaster for a vehicle, however, when the engine failure and cooling failure appear together on the Mazda RX-8, drivers feel it is doomsday. The engine failure may tell you that the vehicle is on the verge of breaking down, while the cooling system failure only accelerates all to come. According to experienced RX-8 drivers, when the coolants start to leak, the engine will soon overheat and stay at a high operating temperature. If it couldn't be cooled down, the engine performance will soon deteriorate. Gradually, the engine will misfire, stall and suffer from starting issues; the vehicle loses power while accelerating and consume excessive oil. You are advised to inspect the water pump, intake manifold gasket, fuel pump, coolant reservoir, cooling hose, oil filter, air filter, engine control module and valve cover gasket thoroughly once the Low Coolant Light and Check Engine Light come on.
Second, for Mazda RX-8 drivers, another horrible and serious problem is the braking failure. It is known to all of us that the working condition of the braking system decides the safety level of a ride. Professional RX-8 repairmen warn that once the brakes become noisy and poorly responded, the brake pedal becomes pulsating, the braking fluids leak on the ground and the brake rotors are covered by the score marks, you should be alert. Soon, the rear brakes may get locked up, especially on the wet surfaces and the parking brake fails to hold the car properly. When the Brake Warning Light and Parking Brake Light come on, you should know the RX-8 brake pad set, brake disc, brake drum, brake rotors, brake line, brake proportioning valve and parking brake cable are in trouble.
To ensure a perfect ride on your Mazda RX-8, you have the need to maintain vulnerable auto parts of it routinely. Parts including RX-8 seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, cabin air filter, antenna, fog light and headlight should be added to the routine maintenance list for a safe and comfortable driving environment.
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